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22nd October 2021
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Identity Fraud Statistics
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Type 1: Application ID fraud

What is Application ID fraud? Stolen or false documents (like your utility bills and bank statements) are used to open an account in your name. Alternatively, the fraudster may use counterfeit documentation for identification purposes. Thrown away any bills lately?

What does the fraudster do next? The fraudster will use your card (quoting the number, found on your bill) over the Internet, by telephone, fax and mail order. This is called Card-not-present (CNP). The problem in countering this type of fraud lies in the fact that neither the card nor the cardholder is present at a till point – so it’s difficult to catch the perpetrator.

What can you do? We can help you to significantly reduce the likelihood of Application ID Fraud. Simply sign up to the SBS e-Guide to receive our expert advice and protect yourself and your family.